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CSR | Tuesday, 15th September 2015

Get Inspired by These Three CSR Campaigns

In the last three lessons we have learnt what Corporate Social Responsibility is and its effects in marketing. Let’s now have a look at three effective (and brilliant) CSR campaigns that ha... read more

Written by Melissa Manthos

CSR | Thursday, 10th September 2015

Effects of CSR in Marketing – What You Need To Know.

Straight up, CSR does not generate immediate profit. However, CSR does indeed create brand loyalty, public relations, and also positive brand positioning. There are 5 main types of CSR techniques that... read more

Written by Mike Bonello Ghio

CSR | Tuesday, 08th September 2015

It’s Not About The Money – CSR in a Human Age

There is a tendency to think that the only way to have a successful CSR campaign is to organise some sort of fund collection for those who might need it. While it's true that fundraising initiative... read more

Written by Julia Farrugia

CSR | Thursday, 03rd September 2015

A Beginner’s Guide to CSR

At one point or another all of us have heard of the term CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), but none of us really knew what it meant. Basically, CSR is an umbrella term that many companies use ... read more

Written by Astrid Bugeja