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Story | Thursday, 16th July 2015

Behind the Brand – Gaining Trust Through Authenticity

Trust... now that's a hard one. Gaining trust is challenging, especially for those coming from a large corporation which is at times faceless. If you've got a start up business then perhaps it's ea... read more

Written by Julia Farrugia

Story | Tuesday, 14th July 2015

The Element of Emotion and its Impact On Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty is the golden ticket we all look for. We'd run in circles, cross rivers, and climb mountains in order to find that one easy way to get loyal customers which would never abandon the br... read more

Written by Julia Farrugia

Story | Tuesday, 07th July 2015

Optimizing Website Design For Better User Experience

Last week we covered Brand and how this is one of the pivotal points in your road to becoming human. Now we're delving into the world of Storytelling and the importance of having a story. Without a... read more

Written by David Attard