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Humorous | Thursday, 27th August 2015

5 Types Of Humour For Your Next Campaign

Written by Julia Farrugia

We’re not done with humour just yet- in fact we’ve got an extra post for you coming up next week, so this won’t be the last for this series (yay!)

What we’re looking at today is the different types of humour you could use in your marketing campaigns, with a couple of examples to go with them. This will be in preparation of the next post which will be all about how far you should go and when is enough really enough?

But first…

1. Exaggeration

Completely blown out of proportion this form of humour will either have you laughing out loud, or cringing in disbelief. It’s an easy way to grab everyone’s attention and when done right it could actually be your game changer. Do it badly and you risk coming across as that awkward guy at the party with the terribly bombastic jokes which no one laughs at. Yeah. No.

DirectTV launched their series of completely overly exaggerated advert series called “Get rid of cable”. In the series of adverts you will witness ordinary being affected by their inefficient cable TV in the most elaborate of ways. Never has there been a more convincing advert to get rid of cable. Check the whole series out here.

2. Sarcasm

Sadly this one’s tricky. On the one hand not everyone will understand sarcasm – when done right people might almost believe it and think it’s true, but if it’s not done perfectly right it might be sloppy which would lead to the message not being sent across effectively.

I particularly like the following advert because of the irony and sarcasm behind it. TM used the famous selfie-loving queen, Kim Kardashian to encourage people to use all of their data, because at the end of the day they’ve already bought it. Of course this is a smart marketing tactic because if you use all your data you’ll need to buy more.
It’s also great to see Kim K’s sense of humour as she blatantly mocks herself!

3. Silliness

Yes. They exist.
Adverts which pull the silly card in order to attract everyone’s attention. They’re shareable, they’re engaging, and they really do produce a good laugh. But sometimes they might stray too far.

Either way, here’s a favourite – the ad is by Money Supermarket and well…. let’s just say it features a bit of oomph!

The ad was on the whole very successful, and ‘Dave’ became quite the star – even showing his fun side and giving a little tutorial. (Now that’s smart marketing right there!)

4. Wit

Probably my favourite, and probably the hardest to achieve correctly. Wit is more subtle and involves a lot of thought. You either get it right or you don’t – there’s no middle ground.
Also, not everyone might get it – in fact don’t be surprised if people hit the comment section with a couple of question marks. But if done effectively you’ll be able to get your message across while also causing some giggles.

5. Tongue in cheek

Then you’ve got the humour which may or may not be slightly offensive. You’re not quite sure about it but you know it’s funny. You’ll gladly share it with your friends, but you will wonder whether you should be sharing it.

While we won’t go too far into detail with these (there’s YouTube for that), here is one which seems to have the right balance.

And here’s one advert just for fun. Why love it?
Because it completely takes the mickey out of itself whilst still remaining true to the message and the brand. Perfect!


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