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Engagement | Tuesday, 21st July 2015

Engaging The Masses – How To Harness The Power Of Different Social Platforms

Written by Teri Camilleri

This could be a “to do” list. This could be a motivational post. It could be bookmarked into your arsenal for safekeeping until your next meeting with the marketing director, or it could be a quick whiff of inspiration to get you out of your afternoon slump.

Whatever this post is to you, I hope it’s positive.

I don’t know about you, but I sometimes feel overwhelmed by the onslaught of newsletters, posts and articles telling me how to do my job better. Not that they’re wrong, of course: I’m constantly taking notes on how to improve. But today, I’m having an ‘up’ day. I’m not in the mood for criticism or head shaking. I wanted to look for content that was inspiring, not threatening. To find ideas that are uplifting, not unattainable.

Don’t get me wrong: The brands in this list are big. You’ve heard of all of them, and so have your kids and parents. But the campaigns are great examples of simple techniques in which they’ve harnessed the power of different social platforms to reach and engage the masses… techniques which you could incorporate into your next campaign.

Time for me to stop talking. Let’s dig in:




AKA “that network we remember to update every now and then” – it has a far smaller audience than YouTube or Facebook and it takes consistency and determination to build a community that keeps coming back. Few brands choose to prioritise Google+, but those who do have reaped the rewards.

Take Airbnb, for instance.

The alternative accommodation giant wanted to reach their target audience of tech-savvy, world-traveling individuals, a lot of whom happen to be on Google+. So Airbnb worked to build one of the best accounts I’ve seen by consistently publishing quality content that’s relevant to their audience. If you think about it, Airbnb and Google+ make sense.

social media engagement ideas

Takeaway: They’re creating content, just like we all are. They simply chose the right platform for their readers and worked hard to build the community.

Also, Burberry.

We tend to forget that Google+ is great as a photo-sharing platform. Burberry didn’t. They maximise their gorgeous product photography by creating photo albums for the peak seasons, which they add to and revive whenever a new product is launched.

social media engagement ideas

Takeaway: Leverage the best features of the platform to maximise the impact of your content.




It’s a network packed with people looking for jobs, right? So rather than try to force their content into a space where it’s not relevant, these guys adapted their content to appeal to the readers on LinkedIn.

Fruit of the Loom – All together now: “What?”

Back in 2013, the underwear and sock brand launched the “Fresh Gigs” promotion, where up to 5,000 LinkedIn users who change jobs or get employed in the last month would receive the following message:

“We’re all excited for you about the new gig. To show this, we’re hooking you up with a complimentary pair of Fruit of the Loom. Because great-fitting underwear can help you start your workday in a great mood.”

Recipients would select a size and style of men’s boxers or women’s underwear, and were kindly asked to share this unusual transaction on their LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter profile. The underwear, together with a $5 coupon, would arrive on their doorstep within a couple of weeks. As for results: People loooove talking about freebies to their friends on social media!

The promotion is still going strong, by the way. This year, they’re giving out a total of 25,000 undies, and you can see the stats on who’s getting fresh gigs on their site.

social media engagement ideas

Takeaway: The element of surprise + freebies = loyal brand ambassadors who’ll gladly talk about you.


Google are all about tech and expertise, but not on LinkedIn. Here, they’re masters of HR.

Often recognised as one of the best places to work, Google rocks their LinkedIn presence by showcasing company news and interesting HR articles, such as this one on things employees should know on their first day of work.

social media engagement ideas

Takeaway: Showcase different areas of your company on different networks to become a thought leader from every angle.




Domino’s Pizza is constantly coming up with innovative ways to use Twitter, each one earning it massive reach across the UK.

The #letsdolunch campaign was just one of them. Every time someone tweeted to @Dominos_UK using the hashtag in time for lunch, £0.01 was knocked off the price of the star pizza of the day.

Within 2 hours of announcing the campaign, around 825 tweets were sent (if my maths is correct – don’t count on it though.) By the end of the event, followers had knocked the price down from £15.99 to £7.74. In case you’re wondering, they did retain control of the situation: the company stated that the lowest price would be £6.59, whatever happens.

Screen Shot 2015-07-21 at 17.27.06
Screen Shot 2015-07-21 at 17.26.59

Takeaway: (tee-hee, pun intended). Quick, clever, one-off campaigns like these can spike engagement for the brand.




This one has barely hit Malta at all, but it’s high time it did. Going into how it works is a whole other blog post, but take a look at these self-explanatory videos to see how Audi and WWF used it last year:


Results – The excitement and enthusiasm surrounding the campaign spilled over to other channels. Audi’s Twitter following grew by 2,500 and their Facebook fanbase increased by 9,000 over 48 hours (not to mention the 10,500 followers they now had on Snapchat itself.)



Results – This campaign also spilled onto Twitter feeds, with people sharing enough to get 40,000 tweets that hit over 120 million Tweeters. #LastSelfie not only raised global awareness, it also helped WWF reach their donation target for the entire month in just 3 days.




This one’s fresh. Just under a month ago, GPY&R launched an incredible automated campaign called Melanoma likes me to raise awareness around skin cancer in Australia. Tag and geo targeting was used to identify images of people in the sun, and those images were then ‘liked’ and commented on by a user called -_melanoma.

Result: Instant reminder about the dangers of sun exposure which hopefully encouraged them to wear sunscreen right when it matters most!

Takeaway – Ok, so this one isn’t exactly simple to carry out yourself, with all those algorithms involved, but we couldn’t help include it in the list – just think of the impact!

If there’s one thing to learn from this campaign, it’s to listen to what people are saying about you or your competitors online – you could pop up at the right moment and earn a new loyal customer right when it matters most.




We can’t ignore the massive campaigns that won big in this year’s Facebook Awards. Each one is unique and impressive in it’s own way, however our absolute favourite has to be the #LikeAGirl campaign by Always.

“Check out the functional benefits of this pad” posted @NoTeenEver. – If this isn’t a case of understanding your audience, I don’t know what is.

Always needed a boost among teens and wanted something that would drive the popularity of the brand through top-of-mind awareness.

It started with the launch of the first video ad last year, which highlighted the fact that the phrase “like a girl” had at some point become an insult to girls everywhere.

They then followed this up with an ongoing campaign to turn the negative meaning of #LikeAGirl into a ‘rallying cry’. In the months that followed, they invited engagement by encouraging girls to let the world know that they were proudly doing things “like a girl” by using the hashtag, which in turn let the brand amplify and aggregate the conversation throughout its social media platforms.

“Our team was on call throughout the launch of the campaign to respond in real time, which encouraged and supported a community of people inspired by the power of these words.”

Curious about the results? There are too many to list – see for yourself.

It didn’t end there. 9 months later, they released this video for International Women’s Day:

Takeaway – The best campaigns take time. The best results come from long-term efforts. The best customers are not the ones who opt into a flash sale, but the ones who choose to turn to you as thought leaders in your industry.


I didn’t talk about all the big networks in this post – if I keep writing, I’ll never end. Still, some of my favourites are too good not to share, so I’ll post them in the Facebook group over the coming days if you’re interested. Not a member yet? Join the conversation!


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