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Make mistakes | Tuesday, 29th September 2015

Five Things Which Harm Digital Marketing

Written by Melissa Manthos

We just can’t emphasise the importance of digital marketing enough. Quite a few brands are investing more of their budget in online marketing rather than traditional advertising.

But this is not necessarily a good thing if you’re not being careful. We keep seeing a lot of brands that are making mistakes that are harming their image instead of helping.

Harm digital marketing

Here are five examples of common mistakes that harm digital marketing:

1.     Forgetting the Social Side of Social Media


Social media provides you with great platforms to promote your brand and your products/services. You can target a wide audience at a relatively small price – amazing.

But isn’t it annoying when your Facebook homepage is packed with images of things to buy, restaurants to try out, and events you must attend? When you forget the social aspect of social media: that is when you have a problem.

Don’t forget that who likes you on Facebook or follows you on Twitter is a person. Share interesting and relevant facts with your fans; upload a picture of your team working on a new project or simply hanging out together and socializing. Put a face behind that brand, and show your human side to your followers.

2.     Hashtags Overload


#Do #you #really #need #to #use #so #many #hashtags? No.

Hashtags are useful and people love them, but don’t forget what they are actually needed for: they make your content easy to find to a wide audience.  You do not want to be one of those annoying people who tag every single word in a post, and besides, it’s pretty pointless.

One to three hashtags is more than enough, so don’t over do it. It’s actually been proven  that once you add more than two hashtags your engagement drops significantly.

3.     Ignoring Your Audience


Your audience is important, your customers are part of your company – without those people you’d have nothing. So do not ignore them.

Don’t avoid their Facebook messages, don’t delete their comments, and don’t overlook their Tweets. Engaging with your target audience is extremely important. It creates credibility in your brand and builds a connection between your brand and your customer.

Far too many companies take the importance of acknowledging their audience for granted – do not make this mistake!

4.     Using a lot of Platforms, Straightaway


Social media is indeed a powerful tool to use. Let’s be honest, everyone loves fame and attention. So we understand your desire to grow and become the most followed Instagram account, and the Facebook page with most likes.

We must tell you though, you will never get that sort of recognition if your throw yourself on every possible social media platform on this planet from day one.

Pick one or two and start building your way up from there. Once you have reached the goal you had in mind, you can start adding on to your workload by handling another social media platform. Trust us, it is better to have one great account rather than many smaller ones.

5.     Hello, my name is Spammer


People are very cautions when it comes to sharing their email addresses – they treasure them like gold. Getting into inboxes is becoming more difficult and challenging.

Do not be a spammer; don’t send them emails everyday with the typical ‘LAST MINUTE OFFER – BUY NOW’ subjects. You want your audience to feel special and not like just another email address in your list.

Send them an email to simply say hello and share an interesting article you believe they will enjoy. Reward your loyal customers by offering something that only they can have. Get in touch with them because you want to, and not because you have to promote your latest offer.

The same applies for social media – people are scared to like a Facebook page because they fear they are going to be bombarded with spam.  We encourage you to promote your company from time to time, because that is ultimately your main goal, but you will see better results and more engagement if you act less like a robot and more like a human.

You do not need to post twenty times a day, and don’t share things simply for the sake of having content on your pages. Filter everything that goes on your social media platforms, find the best days and times to post and keep a human tone of voice.

Harm digital marketing

The Internet gives you the opportunity to interact with your audience and build lasting relationships with them. This is why it is easier to harm your brand through negative marketing.

You will be able to see long-term success only if you respect your audience.

Remember to be more human, because, after all, Digital is Human.

Melissa Manthos

a little more about

Melissa Manthos,

Melissa is the definition of multiculturalism: she is half French and half Greek, has lived for over a decade in Libya and her mother tongue is Italian. She is a social media freak who loves writing and photography. You can find her 365 days a year at the beach, her natural habitat.