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Humorous | Thursday, 20th August 2015

Humor and Its Effect in Digital Marketing

Written by Julia Farrugia

In our previous post we discussed the way that humor, or a light hearted laugh, are important for a healthy office environment.
But it doesn’t end there.

Laughter is infectious and contagious, it bubbles up and explodes- affecting everyone in the vicinity. Laughter creates a positive memorable experience and leaves positive associations which will keep a person coming back. By having a brand that appreciates a good laugh, and understands the worth in showing its fun side you will be able to connect with people on a different level.


However there are a few things you should keep in mind if you’re going to show your fun side.

1. Be consistent 
There are many different ways of being funny, and while it’s always great to spread your wings, branch out, and explore a variety of options, it is important to have a style of humor which is constant. What we mean is that you should ideally stick to one kind of sense of humor. Whether it’s slapstick, sarcastic, involves a high amount of wit, dry, or dark – by adopting a similar style you create better recognition. Humor can often be misinterpreted or misunderstood, and if you’re constantly changing tactics people might become confused about what your brand is trying to say. Of course do be creative and blend different forms of humor together

2. Be original
The internet has brought us a variety of memes, jokes, and situations which provide plenty of content. Use these as you see fit, however create your own funny instances – adapt memes to suit your brand. Don’t use the same jokes over and over again because they’ll grow stale and you’ll look cliche. So come up with some fresh interesting content for your marketing strategy.

3. Be sensitive
Sometimes you’re funny and everyone laughs, other times you’re funny and you’re the only one laughing. Avoid awkward moments (and the possibility of the public’s scorn) by making sure your sense of humor is in check. Dark humour is fine but there are means and ways. Posting something funny about a serious matter won’t win you any followers. These days all it takes is one badly planned tweet for everything to go wrong.


Now go off and come up with something funny! We’ll be exploring more effects of humor in the digital marketing in our upcoming posts.


Julia Farrugia

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Online strategist by day, environmental activist by night, Julia is the youngest member in the team. When she’s not curating, editing, or writing content she’s scheduling and planning. Her highlighters are her friends and she’s constantly taping to-do lists to the wall.