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Inspirational | Tuesday, 11th August 2015

Inspire Through Video – 5 Tips To Help You Out

Written by Julia Farrugia

According to James McQuivey of Forrester Research your average 1 minute of video is worth 1.8million words.

So it seems that while a picture is worth a thousand, a video is worth way more. No wonder video marketing is taking over the industry! What does this mean to you?

Basically it means that there’s a whole new world out there waiting for you to sink your teeth into it. Taking a chunk out of the video marketing share could reap great benefits for your brand’s online marketing strategy.

Whether you’re advertising a product, showing off the interior of a house, creating more brand awareness, taking people behind the scenes, or providing useful information, video is content. And content is King. What’s more is that video has high engagement rates. (Though in some areas, such as Facebook, there’s an entire debate brewing on what is measured as content. [find out more here])

The high engagement rate of video is due to the fact that video is able to tell a story in a way that text and images don’t always manage to do – there’s something magical about video which attracts a person’s attention as they watch, waiting to find out what happens next (only to find out  7 minutes later that no, the cat won’t catch the laser pointer).

So now that you’ve started to consider the merits of video marketing and what it could do for your brand, it’s time to actually learn how to go about it.

1. Create with your audience in mind

Who’s going to be watching the video and how will you reach them effectively? If you want to do this the smart way then it might be a good idea to create different videos for different audiences. In it to win it, right?

Fiat did this well when promoting their 500L as a family car.

You can also take this tactic a step further. When putting money behind your videos ensure that you target the audience your video is made for – this way you’ll surely get your money’s worth.

2. Invest in production

We can’t stress this enough! If you want to have an effective video then you’ve got to ensure that you’re putting the right amount of production time into it and using the right equipment. Don’t just go right into it – this isn’t a home video. Sit down with pen and paper before you start anything and create a production timeline with goals and deliverables. Then make sure you’ve got professionals working with you so that together you can create the image you’ve got in your head.

Here’s an inspirational one from Johnnie Walker

And here’s one from Go Pro. They might not be filming this themselves, but the user generated content they choose is breath-taking.

3. Those first 5 seconds

Generally it’s the first 5 seconds that will draw a person in. Ensure that you start your video off with something people will want to watch. Don’t keep them waiting because they’ll lose interest very, very quickly!

4. Tell your story and nothing more

You’re using video to get your message across. So that’s what you should be doing. Make sure that the video is focussed and to the point – that it constantly sends across the message you’re pushing. Of course, don’t be annoying about it… and if you can be funny then go for it!

5. Make it work with or without sound

Since videos in Facebook start playing automatically you’ve got the potential in interacting with people whether they want you to or not. That’s why it’s important to be able to make your video make sense without sound. The sound should be a bonus for when the person actually clicks on the video to watch it properly.

Here’s one we love.

Oh and here’s a bonus… because… steak!

There are many ways of being creative, and there are even more ways of getting your message out there. After all let’s not forget the infamous ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

Julia Farrugia

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Julia Farrugia,

Online strategist by day, environmental activist by night, Julia is the youngest member in the team. When she’s not curating, editing, or writing content she’s scheduling and planning. Her highlighters are her friends and she’s constantly taping to-do lists to the wall.