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Inspirational | Thursday, 13th August 2015

When Inspiration Doesn’t Strike

Written by Julia Farrugia

Working in digital marketing means that there’s always something new going on. In order to stay ahead of the game you’ve got to be on the ball and it’s go go go.

Most times you’re inspired and running on a high… but every once in a while you run out of steam and find yourself trying to figure out what the next step should be. This happens especially when you’re working on projects which use a lot of your creative input -leaving you somewhat low on energy when it comes to your own in house projects.

Without realising it you end up neglecting your own things – not because of lack of will, but because you’re somewhat out of your depth.

Of course it’s not the ideal situation, and normally you’d hope that you will be able to produce valuable content on a daily basis. However the truth is that it does happen, and the best way to deal with it is to be prepared.

So what do you do when inspiration doesn’t strike?

1. You start with a blank slate

Forget any previous worries and plans because these will just tie you down. Start from fresh as this will help you plan.

2. Work with what you’ve got

You’ve got to prepare for moments of no inspiration by having a plan B. You can reschedule old content, add updated edits to blog posts which were about latest news, or create overviews of particular topics by combining different posts in one.

This might require a little bit of work, but if you have no inspiration to help you create new content then it’s the second best thing.

plan b

3. Go smaller

Sometimes you might try to go for content which is what one might call ‘epic’. But if you have no inspiration then you’re only walking down a dead end street.

Bite sized information is more manageable. The below are all things which can help you produce constant content without being too much of a brain drain.

  • Marketing statistics – these are great for Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. You can start off with a full blog posts which is a compilation of different, informative statistics, and then share each statistic separately.
  • Use visuals – you can create some quick visuals using Canva. Find an interesting image, add a quote about marketing, and ta-dah! You’ve got yourself some shareable content
  • Use throwbacks – #tbt isn’t just for Instagram lovers. You can use it to share old posts, or even discuss previous projects of yours. It’s a great way to show how your brand has been relevant throughout the years.
  • Focus on the behind the scenes – by showing the faces behind the brand you can produce interesting content and also shine a light on the people working with you. It also helps build team morale.
  • Create a mini series of blog posts. Whether it’s discussing one social media platform per week, explaining the digital jargon, or just rounding up the updates of the week, you can easily have a series of posts which keeps you going.

These tips can be the slow burning fire your marketing strategy is lacking.

4. Let them inspire you

Sometimes you need a breath of fresh air. If you’ve got followers who are willing to engage with your brand you can use their content to share through your page. This works wonderfully on things like Instagram and Pinterest but works equally well on Facebook and Twitter.

5.  Follow in their footsteps

This one might be a bit tricky to master, but if you’re somewhat stuck about what content to put out take a look at other marketers, or other people with similar brands. Analyse what they’re doing and see if there’s anything that you could imitate. Do not copy their work – but let it inspire you.
Obviously there’s much more you could do to help inspire yourself, but that depends on the kind of person you are, the kind of content you need to produce, and the the kind of brand you’re a part of. Either way it’s always important to have a plan B and to plan for these moments. They won’t happen often, but they will happen. And when they do you’ll need to be ready to tackle things with a fresh concept.

Feel free to check out some of our other work on the blog – it might provide you with some inspiration!

Julia Farrugia

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Julia Farrugia,

Online strategist by day, environmental activist by night, Julia is the youngest member in the team. When she’s not curating, editing, or writing content she’s scheduling and planning. Her highlighters are her friends and she’s constantly taping to-do lists to the wall.