Free Report:
The Online Marketing Landscape
in Malta 2014-2015

The first annual report on the local
digital marketing scenario

There are some brilliant online marketing resources online, however there’s hardly any material that is specific to online marketing in Malta.

We’re changing that.

The 2014-2015 Report is a comprehensive overview on the opinions and expectations of Maltese entrepreneurs and marketers on every aspect of local digital marketing.

In the report you’ll find important takeaways. For example, 87% of local businesses are focused on increasing their social media presence in 2015. Another learning is that companies that incorporated digital marketing into their strategy in 2014 are pouring more budget than ever to scale up their efforts in the coming year.

The report also answers questions such as:

  • What is the greatest benefit of
    online marketing for local companies?
  • Where are local firms spending their
    online marketing budget?
  • What was the greatest downfall of
    local companies’ digital marketing efforts in 2014?

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